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Anushri Dixit

PhD Candidate

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I am a graduate student in Control and Dynamical Systems at California Institute of Technology. I am advised by Prof. Joel Burdick. My research interests are broadly in control theory, robotics, and stochastic optimization. More specifically, I work on risk-averse motion planning algorithms and traversability analysis for autonomous robots in extreme terrain. These algorithms provide robustness guarantees towards distribution shifts in the planning framework. I am honored to be named a 2022 Rising Star in Data Science by the University of Chicago.


Anushri Dixit, Mohamadreza Ahmadi, and Joel W. Burdick. "Risk-Averse Receding Horizon Motion Planning." Submitted to Artificial Intelligence Journal, Special Issue on Risk-aware Autonomous Systems: Theory and Practice (2022).

Skylar X. Wei*, Anushri Dixit*, Shashank Tomar, and Joel W. Burdick. "Moving Obstacle Avoidance: a Data-Driven Risk-Aware Approach." In IEEE Control System Letters (2022).

David D. Fan, Kyohei Otsu, Yuki Kubo, Anushri Dixit, Joel Burdick, and Ali-Akbar Agha-Mohammadi. "STEP: Stochastic Traversability Evaluation and Planning for Risk-Aware Off-road Navigation." In Robotics: Science and Systems, pp. 1-21. RSS Foundation (2021).


Recent news: (Upcoming) I will be giving invited seminars on "Risk-Aware Planning and Control in Unstructured Environments" at UT Austin, UCLA, Penn, and Michigan. (Upcoming) I will be starting as a postdoc at Princeton in Prof. Anirudha Majumdar's group in March. (Feb 2023) Honored to be recognized for Outstanding Service as Reviewer of the IEEE Control System Letters - 2022. (Feb 2023) Successfully defended my thesis! (Dec 2022) Skylar Wei and I received the Outstanding Student Paper Award at CDC 2022 for our paper titled "Moving Obstacle Avoidance: A data-driven, risk-aware approach". (Nov 2022) I was named a Rising Star in Data Science by the UChicago DSI Institute. (Oct 2022) Presented at the UW Robotics Colloquium.

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