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I am always excited by teaching opportunities. I have been a TA for several graduate and undergraduate courses namely: Advanced Robotics (graduate-level course), Robotics (graduate and undergraduate-level course), and Differential Equations (undergraduate-level course). I have been a tutor for several other undergraduate courses and have held weekly science lessons at a nearby elementary school as a volunteer (5th graders are awesome scientists). 

I helped design the Advanced Robotics class on Planning under Uncertainty (ME 234b) taught by Prof. Joel Burdick. Below are some lectures I gave on optimization-based control:

  1. Optimization Review

  2. Unconstrained Optimal Control

  3. Constrained Optimal Control

  4. Introduction to MPC

  5. MPC with Polytopic and Gaussian disturbances

  6. Convex approximations of chance constraints (introduction to risk-aware MPC)

The MATLAB code used for the examples in the above slides is available here.

Feel free to email me if you have feedback or spot any typos in the lectures.

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